Toyota Motor Corporation



For the first time, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) in Japan looked beyond their borders for a production company to create a launch film for one of their yet to be released vehicles, in this case: the Prius.

Rotor Studios worked as both agency and studio directly with TMC, to concept a visual motif (in this case the “Cubed Earth”) that reflected the TMC theme of the Prius “Beyond Possible”. Over a period of months, Rotor worked to design the mood film around that motif, involving both live action photography of talent, intercut with a completely computer generated but photo real recreation of the new Prius (which had yet to even be built).


Director Glenn Stewart
Producer Elaine Roy
Executive Producer Scott Bradley
Director Of Photography Tim Tregoning
VFX Supervisor Luke Sandford
3D Artists Scott Morgan, Sebastian Fletcher, Cam Stewart, Johnnie Cochrane
Previs & Layout Glenn Stewart
Compositing Glenn Stewart

Production Company Rotor Studios