Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation



Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) sought Rotor Studios to help create a launch film for three separate grades of the dramatically redesigned RAV4.

While the overall concept of “Endless Journey” was the same, TMC wanted Rotor to create three individuals films with varying environments depending on which vehicle grade was featured. A solar farm, LA river, salt flats and a marble quarry were just some of the locations created for the computer generated RAV4 to traverse.


Director Glenn Stewart
Producer Elaine Roy
Executive Producer Scott Bradley
Director Of Photography Rupert Brown
Head Of Post Production Richard Sutherland
Production Coordinator Courtney Rawlings
3D Artists Shaun Schellings, Rodrigo Ribeiro Guimaraes, Callum Lyons, Sophie Hogan, Tom Coe, Jay Shadlow, Irena Bendeich, Alex Nalty
FX Alejandro Garrido
Compositing Callum Lyons, Callum Lyons, Sophie Hogan, Tom Coe, Chris Charlton, Dom Femia, Rodrigo Ribeiro Guimaraes, Glenn Stewart, Jay Shadlow, Irena Bendeich
Matte Painting Glenn Stewart
Animation Brad Betts
Additional Animation Paul Ziola
Previs & Layout Brad Betts, Glenn Stewart
Concept Art Glenn Stewart
Music & Sound Design Gavin Little (Echolab)
Colorist Matt Fezz

Production Company Rotor Studios